Moving Space for Web

Welcome to the first web-based animation of Laban's movement scales!

It was inspired by the iPhone app Moving Space, an interactive, 3D compendium of the Laban scales.
You can view it in (almost) any web browser. See below for details and troubleshooting information.

Laban Scales

Choose a shape:

Click-and-drag to rotate

This application can only properly be seen in a browser that supports WebGL, like Chrome, Firefox or Safari.
(For Safari, go to the Safari menu > Preferences > Advanced, and checkmark "Show Develop menu in menu bar"; then go to the
Develop menu and checkmark "Enable WebGL".)

Also one needs a videocard that supports OpenGL (ES) 2.x.

If you do not see a black square above, it is not possible to view the Laban Scales here. Sorry!

By Sandra Hooghwinkel, Laban Movement Analyst, © 2012