Moving Space for Web

Welcome to the first web-based animation of Laban's movement scales!
The scales are an integrated part of Laban Movement Analysis, a method that provides us with a language and practice to observe, analyze, describe and understand human movement.

This web application was inspired by the iPhone app Moving Space, an interactive, 3D compendium of the Laban scales.

Laban Scales

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The Laban Scales are series of directions, creating pathways through space around the body, as if one were in the center of a crystalline solid. The center of the body always faces the Forward Middle direction while one moves the body along the subsequent directions of the selected Scale, generally led by one of the arms, thus connecting all directions of the Scale through movement.

Moving these Scales opens up the body in space, enlarges spatial awareness and at the same time balances the body spatially. This is why the space theory in Laban Movement Analysis is called Space Harmony.
For further guidance in using the scales, seek out a certified LMA practitioner in your area, or contact one of the certification programs in Laban Movement Analysis.

© Photograph of Lisa Ullmann working in a life sized icosahedron at Ashridge, 1955. Photographer: June Petit. From Flickr, by Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance.

Lisa Ullman

B Scale

© Rudolf Laban, from Sketches of the 'Scales',
Laban Centre Archives, no date
(Laban in Louppe and others, 1994, p.80, Illus.).

By Sandra Hooghwinkel
software developer, dancer and CMA
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